Body Memory Recall

Body Memory refers to the energy of past experiences that is stored in the body. When a person is overwhelmed or stressed, a protective mechanism is triggered that suppresses the adverse effects of the experience and converts them into energy that accumulates in our bodies and minds. Recurrent or chronic symptoms that fail to resolve despite medical treatment may be due to unreleased body memory.

BMR is a transformative, therapeutic bodywork that supports the body to release frequent tensions, body armor, and suppressed memory. BMR integrates multiple modalities that activate our self-healing abilities. This unique combination of techniques treats the entire body to provide exceptional opportunities for mind-body healing and harmony.

Through the sequential implementation of the following therapies, Body Memory Recall is able to change lives.


Myofacial release is the component of BMR that treats connective
tissue or fascia. “Myo” refers to muscle and “fascia” refers to connective tissue. Fascia surrounds and interconnects every structure in your body - all nerves, muscles, bones, organs, and cells. With gentle sustained pressure into myofascial tension, movement is restored as well as the transmission of suppressed energy.


Incorporates gentle, rhythmic massage with sustained pressure and stretch around organs to release muscle guarding, surgical scarring, and body memory. This technique aids in improved breathing, digestion, elimination, reproduction, and circulation.


Unwinding refers to the release of body memory through spontaneous movement. A release differs from relaxation as it is dynamic and is orchestrated by the body’s own innate self-healing abilities. As the body unwinds, a person can experience hot or cold, shaking or suppressed emotions and memories.


Cranial Sacral Therapy consists of light, sensitive touch to areas of the head, body, and spine, which relaxes the nervous system and releases the “fight or flight” and ‘freeze” response to stress to allow for a self-healing state.


Individualized patient care integrating the mind- body connection effectively treats the following conditions and more:

Neck/Back Pain
Sciatica/Sacral Iliac Pain
Joint/Muscle Pain Post Surgical Pain/Scarring
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Radiating Pain
Restricted Movement
Numbness/Tingling Rotator Cuff/Shoulder Pain
Panic Disorders
Excessive Weight Gain or Loss
Impotence/Low Libido
Chronic Fatigue
Pelvic Pain
Ovarian Cysts
Painful Intercourse
Digestive/Intestinal Disorders
Asthma Breathing Problems
Hiatal Hernia
Gastric Reflux
Attention Deficit Disorder
Sensory Processing Disorders
Post-Traumatic Stress
Sleeping Disorders


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