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Intensive Therapy


What is an Intensive?

An Intensive is receiving several hours of treatment over a short period of time. For instance here at Sacred Winds I offer two commonly used protocols. One is a Mini or 3 day intensive which is a minimum of 7.5 hrs. I also offer what I call a Full Intensive or 5 day Intensive which is a total of 15hrs. There can also be customized Intensives as long as it is meeting the goals of appropriate treatment.

Why an Intensive?

There are a few key reasons why one wants to receive an Intensive. The first one is to get out of pain! Many of you reading this have been in pain for many years and have tried “everything”. Not that the other types of treatment didn’t help in some way, they still did not achieve the desired results or in some cases (usually surgery) have made it worse. Getting out of pain is important and when we only do a treatment regimen that is designed for maintenance or is the minimum amount of treatment to get any results will give us only that, minimal results. Then when we get minimal results, we blame the treatment or the therapist when it is our choice not to do what would be considered optimal treatment. When we come from a place of wanting and being willing to do what is necessary for optimal treatment many things start to happen.

Some of what you may experience as each treatment occurs is that some of the other symptoms we are having begin to diminish or go away completely. Rarely do we have a stand alone condition. Our sleep patterns change, secondary pain or conditions that are seemingly not related disappear and then our main condition starts to change. This is because many years have contributed to our main complaint. There are many factors that also contribute to our condition.

By receiving an Intensive we can get in touch with our bodies which many of us have moved in to our heads. By being in our bodies we can experience that we have stored many of our experiences in our bodies that our tied to our consciousness. Every cell in our bodies has the capacity for memory. Maybe you’re not in pain physically and you know that something is not right your Dr. has prescribed anti-depressants to elevate your mood. They have helped temporarily and have created all sorts of other problems like weight gain or just not feeling alive. This is another reason for an Intensive.

For those who have experienced some sort of abuse or trauma this changes everything. Trauma and abuse create a loop of energy that keeps that memory alive like it happened yesterday causing our bodies to tighten in ways that we usually do not notice until we start to have some sort of problem/pain from this tightening. This tightening will result in all sorts of conditions.

We want to do an Intensive because we fully understand that we are a product of our lives and by wanting to become fully well we are willing to take the steps necessary to become well again. No amount of wishing or thinking it away makes it leave. One thing that releases it from the body is BMR and using intensives to access this memory will help you feel like you’re alive and living the life that you always wanted. This means going beyond just being out of pain and having a new life of Joyful living. These and more are the types of experiences one receives from getting an Intensive.

Individualized patient care integrating the mind-body connection effectively treats the following conditions and more:

Neck & Back Pain
Sciatica & Sacral Iliac Pain
Joint & Muscle Pain
Post Surgical Pain & Scarring
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Radiating Pain
Restricted Movement
Numbness & Tingling
Rotator Cuff & Shoulder Pain
Anxiety & Depression
Phobias & Fears
Panic Disorders
Excessive Weight Gain or Loss
Impotence & Low Libido
Sleep Disorders
Fatigue & Post-traumatic Stress
Chronic Fatigue

Pelvic Pain
Ovarian Cysts
Painful Intercourse
Digestive & Intestinal disorders
Asthma Breathing Problems
Hiatal Hernia
Gastric Reflux
Attention Deficit Disorder
Sensory Processing Disorders

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