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Treatment involves a full spectrum of touch from light to deep and is combined with therapeutic dialogue, customized exercise training, and movement re-education to support the complete healing process of body memory.

Body memory transformation is a natural, innate ability we are all designed to experience, yet most of us require assistance in overcoming this unconscious habit to survive. It is an amazing process that reminds us how sensitive we truly are and that our ability to heal and transform stressful experiences is as powerful as our ability to survive them.

Awareness of these protective tensions begins the whole healing process and is the first step towards releasing body memory.

What is a Body Memory Recall session like?

What to wear: Hand to skin contact is vital during a BMR session so suitable clothing such as a swimsuit, underwear or gym shorts is suggested. Your comfort and modesty is respected and appreciated.

Interview: Your BMR session begins with an interview, during which you share with the therapist your medical history, current health conditions and goals for treatment. The therapist may also inquire about traumatic or particularly stressful experiences, past or present, which are often the source of body memory. Examples include injuries, illness, pain, trauma, abuse, surgery and overwhelming change.

Posture Evaluation: The interview is followed by an evaluation of your posture. The therapist will look for evidence of the freeze response and myofascial tension which pulls the body out of its ideal alignment. Your "epicenters" or central areas of tension will also be identified for treatment as these tend to be the primary cause of stress, pain and dysfunction.

Treatment: The therapist relies on the highly trained senses in their hands to locate and treat body memory. BMR bodywork may be combined with therapeutic dialogue to encourage relaxation and deepen the self healing process.

Follow-up Treatment: After your BMR treatment, the therapist will note changes in your posture, ask you how you feel from the treatment and provide recommendations on how to proceed. The frequency of treatment depends on what you want to achieve, the condition of your body and how you respond to the initial treatments.

Self Care & Home Exercises: Your therapist may provide you with recommendations for self care and the aid of additional health care professionals that will further your progress.

How do you feel after a BMR treatment?

You may feel peaceful, calm and could experience increased freedom of movement. Symptoms may temporarily increase from the release of stored toxins but eventually will diminish considerably as your body integrates and returns to a state of balance.

It takes energy to integrate the physical freedom, toxins, emotions and memories from a release of body memory. In general, a short period of rest, adequate hydration, vital nutrition and gentle exercise will maximize the process.

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